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At Insulation Guru Brisbane, we ensure customer satisfaction by offering a range of reliable and high-quality solutions. With years of experience in the industry, we have become a trusted name in South East Queensland for vacuum cleaning and installing quality insulation.

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We have more than 10 years of experience

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Working Plan

Insulation Installation & Removal Process



Assessment and Planning

Assess the area and plan accordingly. This involves determining the type of insulation required, such as batts, foam or blown-in insulation, based on factors like climate, building structure, and energy efficiency goals. The assessment also includes inspecting existing insulation for any damage or mold growth that may require removal.



Preparation and Safety Measures

Before starting the installation or removal process, it is essential to take proper safety measures. This includes wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, goggles, and masks to protect against potential hazards. Additionally, ensuring proper ventilation in the workspace and turning off any electrical sources is crucial to prevent accidents.



Installation or Removal

The chosen type of insulation is carefully and accurately installed in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines and best practices. This may involve cutting and shaping insulation materials to fit around pipes, vents, and other obstacles. The installation process should be thorough, ensuring no gaps or voids that could compromise its effectiveness.



Quality Check and Cleanup

Once the insulation installation or removal is complete, a thorough quality check is conducted to ensure the work meets the required standards. This involves inspecting the installed insulation for any gaps or deficiencies and verifying that the removed insulation has been entirely cleared from the area. Any necessary adjustments or corrections are made at this stage.

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Focusing on end customer satisfaction

With our focus on end customer satisfaction we are only now in the start of 2023 setting up a website to help more people find us and grow further as we have been happily busy with all the ongoing work we’ve been getting in the past. But more and more of our customers ask if they can leave a review, hard to do that when we haven’t gone online. So here we are. We pride ourselves on providing the following for our clients:

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  • Quality is Assured
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Our Testimonials

Hear it first from our happy clients!

We had the guys from Insulation Guru Brisbane clean and install new insulation battens into our three story walk up unit a couple of months ago. We immediately noticed the difference in temperature control and would highly recommend them for this service. Very quick and efficient. Thanks guys!

Generation Collective


Amy, Shaun and James were brilliant and professional, ignored the 2.5 metre diamond python skin in the ceiling and removed the old bats and the terrible blown in insulation covering it. They worked tirelessly. Would recommend without hesitation.

Noreen Ditchburn


On the first phone call Joshua from Insulation Guru Brisbane answered. He provided excellent product information and recommendations and thoroughly explained the entire process of our underfloor insulation job. James was our installer for the day and installed Higgins R 3.5 Polyester Batts between joists and strapped them, his attention to detail was extraordinary and workmanship was precision. Thanks!

Lehi Paynter


Good job, promptly done. More expensive, because they vacuumed out the roof space before installing. Also they used Earthwool which states they don't use any formaldehyde (a known cancer-causing compound) in manufacturing the insulation, and which might be released in the very hot roof-spaces we get in QLD, which adds a small amount to the price but well worth it given the health risks in my view.

James Pickles


We are very happy with Insulation Guru Brisbane. Very professional, happy team, prompt service. The old insulation was removed from the ceiling and taken away and cleaned up perfectly. Finished in one day and Joshua kept in touch. We thoroughly recommend this company; the price was very fair. Thank you so much.

Elly Byrne


Great price and punctuality. Turned up on time and did the job as agreed. Would use again for any installs around the house.

Jordache Murray


Great company to work with from the first contact to get a quote to getting the work complete, as made a big difference inside the house already.

Stuart Hogben


Great service, really happy. Josh and team are true professionals and understands exactly what the customers need.

Nas Khan


100% recommend. Easy to deal with and cleaned up at the end of the job

Yasmine Edlin


Great service also very quick to come and do the job Recommend anytime

Sam Newlung


Very efficient service.Really happy with the work

Sandip Sunny

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isuzu rothwell
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