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Christina Baker
Christina Baker
Great service and quality work! Joshua and the team did a great job insulating our ceiling, it wasn’t an easy job! Would highly recommend.
Joy Alice
Joy Alice
Joshua was quick to quote, and was a pleasure to deal with. I was lucky enough to get my insulation done within the week and am now enjoying my nice cool home in Deception Bay, Qld. The install Team, headed by James, were professional and polite. I highly recommend My Install Guru.
Lehi Paynter
Lehi Paynter
On the first phone call Joshua answered from My Install Guru. He provided excellent product information and recommendations and throughly explained the entire process of our underfloor insulation job. He is prompt with correspondence, quoting and is competitively priced. His outstanding communication truly reassured me prior to proceeding with the work and kept me informed at all times. James from My Install Guru was our installer for the day and installed Higgins R 3.5 Polyester Batts between joists and strapped them, his attention to detail was extraordinary and workmanship was executed with precision. Overall, My Install Guru is a pleasure to do business with and I can easily and comfortably recommend their services to anyone without any hesitation. Avoid wasting your time with other insulation contractors. If you need insulation then you don’t need to look any further than My Install Guru! Thanks Joshua and James! Lee
Generation Collective
Generation Collective
We had the guys from My Install Guru clean and install new insulation battens into our three story walk up unit a couple of months ago. We immediately noticed the difference in temperature control and would highly recommend them for this service. Very quick and efficient. Thanks guys!
Chris Henry
Chris Henry
Friendly and helpful. They did a good job installing the loft insulation in spite of some difficulties along the way. Happy to recommend them.
Noreen Ditchburn
Noreen Ditchburn
Amy,Shaun and James were brilliant and professional, ignored the 2.5 metre diamond python skin in the ceiling and removed the old bats and the terrible blown in insulation covering it. They worked tirelessly. Would recommend without hesitation. PS. the owner of the skin had left the scene and vanished into the forest next door.
Elly Byrne
Elly Byrne
We are very happy with My Install Guru PtyLtd Very professional happy team workers prompt service the old insulation was removed from the ceiling and taken away cleaned up perfectly finished in one day Joshua kept in touch We thoroughly recommend this company the price was very fair thankyou so much Vin and Elly Byrne 🤗🤗😁😁
Michael Lindsay
Michael Lindsay
Very pleased with the team that installed our ceiling/roof installation of Earthwool Bates. They were able to do our job within a couple of days and we were extremely pleased with the outcome.
Aimee Tekira
Aimee Tekira
We had our garage insulation witch contained Formaldehyde and had the new upgrade to the earthwool this is really important as I have 5 children that live in my home. I highly recommend my install guru love the work you guys put in knowing how hard of a job insulation is. Thankyou my install guru crew you have done a wonderful job.
James Arnott
James Arnott
Absolutely would recommend having these guys to do your roof! We just had ours done and I can tell you that in this Qld weather with the hot temperatures coming up I can already feel the difference👌🏾they move prompt and professional and they are very friendly people 😊 We had the blown in insulation removed in one day plus they took there time to lay the earth wool and done a very tidy job and aced it 👍🏾 I couldn't appreciate it much thank you my install guru and thank you team

Brisbane vacuum removal of old insulation

How Dangerous Is Your Old Insulation?
How Safe Is Yours?

Looking for a reliable, EEC certified insulation installer in Australia? Look no further. We offer free quotes and assessments on your job with no strings attached. Our team will evaluate the safety of your current insulation and provide solutions to improve it.As one of the few Energy Efficiency Council (EEC) certified insulation installers in Australia, we adhere to the highest standards in the industry. Our certification demonstrates our commitment to safe, effective, and energy-efficient insulation installation practice.

Don't be lured by cheap prices which could potentially compromise your family's health and future. Trust us, Australia's most reliable insulation removal and installation specialists, to provide quality service, ensuring the safety and comfort of your home.

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eec certified
eec certified
Dangers of Old Insulation
Vacuum removal of old insulation

Dangerous particles & Chemicals
Not all insulation is made equally

Blow-in Insulation: Understanding the Risks

Blow-in insulation has gained popularity due to its ease of installation and effectiveness in reducing energy loss. However, it is essential to acknowledge the harmful impacts of this type of insulation and the dust it produces.

Dangers to Consider:

  • The dust generated during blow-in insulation installation consists of microscopic particles that can have detrimental health effects.
  • Prolonged exposure to these dust particles can lead to various conditions, including respiratory issues, allergies, and even long-term lung damage.
  • To avoid contamination of the air and maintain indoor air quality, it becomes crucial to remove and thoroughly clean the ceiling space before installing new insulation, whether it be insulation bats or blow-in insulation.
  • Neglecting this step can compromise the indoor air quality and put the occupants’ health at risk from countless microscopic dust particles that contaminate the air.
  • Therefore, prioritising the removal and cleaning of the ceiling space is vital to ensure a healthy environment free from airborne hazards.

It is important to take appropriate safety measures when installing blow-in insulation to protect yourself and your loved ones.

How Insulation Works

Key Areas For Roof Insulation

Heat Collection

The top of the roof is where heat gathers most due to the way heat risees, without an adequate peak distance from the house interior, the upper levels of houses will overheat without insulation installed in the roof.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels are your friend in protecting your house from direct rays from the sun, however wihtout adquate insulation under these heat gathering panels, it will have a significant heat impact on your roof space.

Tin Roof or Bondeck

Bondeck or tin roofs are magnets for the heat, in these types of roofing systems insulation has the most marked impact on transforming the way heat affects the building.

Sun Facing Side

Consider using thicker earth wool insulation batts on the part of the sun facing side. All insulation doesn't have to be uniform in size, but needs to be carefully calculated based on how the heat impacts your family home.

Low Edged Roofing

Where the edge of the roof doesn't extend very far heat is felt quite quickly. Stopping the heat extending further into the house can be prevented with the use of Earth Wool Insulation Batts.

Garage or Flat top roofing

These types of roofs collect heat quite fast, hvaing insulation in these large sections will have a significant impact on the heating of your household and the cooling requirements.

Lower Roof Edges

Lower roof edges need to extend as much as possible to shield the house edges from the suns harmful rays. while insulation doesn't need to be put in direct contact with this portion of the roof, it certainly doesn't hurt.

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Roof Insulation in Queensland

Earth Wool Roof Insulation Installation

There are many different kinds of roof insulation out there, but the safest for you and your family is Earth Wool. All natural, with no harmful chemicals like what has traditionally been used in Australia, and is still being used in cheap insulation installs. Earth wool roof insulation replaces old:

  • Ceiling Insulation: This is a common type of insulation used to prevent heat transfer through the roof of a house.
  • Bulk Insulation: This includes materials such as batts, loose-fill, and rigid foam boards. They work by trapping tiny pockets of air within their structure, reducing heat flow. Earth Wool is a type of bulk insulation, except without all the harmful chemicals.
  • Reflective Foil Insulation: This type of insulation reflects radiant heat away from the house, helping to keep it cooler in summer. This kind can be used in conjuction with Earth Wool and is something we do.
  • Insulation Batts: These are pre-cut sections of insulation that can be easily fitted between the joists in your roof, Earth Wool is a kind of insulation batt. However it isn't the dangerous pink insulation batt.
  • Glasswool (Fiberglass) Insulation: This is one of the most popular choices in Australia due to its effectiveness and affordability. However the Formaldehyde is quite dangerous to children and animals.
  • Foam Insulation: This type of insulation is sprayed into place and then expands to fill gaps, however has many harmful chemicals that create the expanding foam.
  • Polyester, Natural Wool, Glass Wool, and Rockwool Batts: These are all suitable materials for ceiling insulation, offering different benefits depending on the specific needs of the house.
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Insulation Install Process

How do you install roof insulation?



Removal of old insulation

Old dangerous materials in the roof space need to be professionally cleaned and removed.



Deep Clean Inspection

Thoroughly inspect and clean the now bare roof area.



New Earthwool Insulation Installation

Install new Earthwool roof insulation carefully and methodically.



Inspection of New Insulation

Check newly installed insulation for completeness and proper installation.

Our Familly First Approach

Having Safe Insulation Is a Family Matter


Safe Removal

Safe removal of old insulation is vital for preventing health issues caused by airborne particles, hazardous materials, mold, and pests.


Safe Insulation Installation

Earth wool insulation is crucial for energy efficiency, temperature control, noise reduction, and to prevent potential health hazards.

Project Completed

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Questions & Answers On Roof insulation

Earth Wool is a sustainable and efficient insulation option. It's made from recycled glass and sand, making it eco-friendly. Its excellent thermal performance helps keep homes in Brisbane cool during hot summers and warm in winters.

Unlike traditional fiberglass insulation, Earth Wool is less itchy and more comfortable to handle. It also has superior sound absorption qualities and is resistant to pests and mold.

Asbestos, often found in older homes, can pose serious health risks if disturbed, including respiratory problems and lung cancer. Earth Wool is a safe, modern alternative that poses no such risks.

Yes, Earth Wool insulation is highly energy-efficient. It reduces the need for heating and cooling appliances, leading to lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

Absolutely! Earth Wool insulation has excellent acoustic properties, reducing noise transmission between rooms and from outside, providing a quieter, more peaceful home environment.

No, Earth Wool is designed to be fire-resistant, making it a safer choice for roof insulation compared to other materials that can support combustion.

Yes, Earth Wool is treated with a natural binder that includes a pest deterrent. It's also resistant to mold and bacteria, unlike some other insulation types.

While the upfront cost of Earth Wool may be slightly higher, its durability and efficiency lead to long-term savings on energy bills, making it a cost-effective choice.

Earth Wool is lightweight and easy to install, with less mess and discomfort than traditional insulation materials. It's also available in a range of sizes to fit different roof spaces.

Earth Wool is made from recycled materials and is also recyclable itself. Its production process is designed to minimize environmental impact, making it a more sustainable choice than many other insulation options.

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