What Concerns Do Australians Have About the Insulation Industry?

At Insulation Guru Brisbane, we’re deeply aware of the concerns Australians have about the insulation industry. It’s a topic that hits close to home for many, especially when it involves the safety and efficiency of our homes. Our latest video sheds light on some of the critical issues within the insulation industry in Australia, particularly focusing on the use of formaldehyde in insulation materials—a practice that is still legal in Australia, despite being banned in much of the Western world due to health risks.

Formaldehyde exposure is a significant concern for us at Insulation Guru Brisbane. This chemical, used in the manufacturing process of some insulation materials, can off-gas harmful chemicals into homes, posing a risk to inhabitants. With an average of 12 to 25 days a year exceeding temperatures that cause formaldehyde to revert from a solid to a gas, Australian homes are at risk of being exposed to this carcinogenic substance. Furthermore, this evaporation process affects the structural integrity of the insulation batts, compromising their effectiveness over time.

Our video highlights the reality that, under current guidelines, homeowners are advised to replace their insulation every five to ten years to avoid the dangers posed by deteriorating materials. At Insulation Guru Brisbane, we believe there’s a better way to protect our homes and our health.

We are committed to offering safer, more sustainable insulation solutions that don’t compromise on quality or performance. Our focus is on providing products like Earth Wool, which is free from harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, ensuring a healthier environment for our clients while maintaining the structural integrity and efficiency of their insulation for years to come.

By addressing these concerns head-on, we aim to foster a better understanding among Australian homeowners and offer solutions that align with our values of health, safety, and sustainability in insulation practices. Join us in our mission to improve the insulation industry for the betterment of all Australian homes.

Discover more about how we’re tackling these industry challenges and leading the way in safe, effective insulation solutions by watching our informative video. Together, we can make a difference in ensuring our homes are safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient.


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