How Does Recycled Paper Affect Your Health After 10 Years?

At Insulation Guru Brisbane, our commitment goes beyond just installing insulation; we’re dedicated to ensuring the long-term health and safety of your home environment. Our recent video addresses a pressing question: “How does recycled paper affect your health after 10 years?” This inquiry is at the heart of our mission to provide not only effective but also safe insulation solutions for Australian homes.

In our line of work, we frequently encounter two main types of insulation that homeowners are looking to remove or replace: fibreglass insulation and cellulose (commonly known as cool and cosy) insulation. Both types present unique challenges over time, particularly concerning health impacts.

Fibreglass insulation, often bonded with formaldehyde, shows significant deterioration within five to ten years. Originally installed at a thickness of around 200 mm, we’ve found these bats can shrink down to 50-100 mm, shedding fibres into the air as they degrade. When disturbed, these fibres become airborne, entering the home’s air supply and posing potential respiratory risks to its inhabitants.

Cellulose insulation, made from chemically treated, mulched-up newspaper, presents a different problem. Designed to be fire-resistant, this material eventually breaks down into fine particles that infiltrate the air you breathe, settling in every corner of your home. This “bulk dust” can exacerbate or even cause respiratory issues, impacting the health of those living within.

Our goal is to shed light on these issues, offering insight into how the materials designed to keep your home comfortable can, over time, contribute to less than ideal air quality, potentially harming your health. At Insulation Guru Brisbane, we’re here to offer alternatives that not only perform excellently in terms of energy efficiency but also prioritise your well-being.

We believe it’s crucial for homeowners to be informed about what’s inside their walls and above their ceilings. By choosing safer, more sustainable insulation options, you’re not only investing in your home’s comfort but also in the health of everyone who lives within it.


Watch our detailed video to learn more about these common insulation materials and discover healthier alternatives for your home. At Insulation Guru Brisbane, we’re here to guide you through making the best choice for your home’s insulation, ensuring a safe, comfortable, and healthy environment for years to come.


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