Boutique Hotel Acoustic Insulation Retrofit

Brief Description:

In response to guest feedback, a charming boutique hotel engaged Insulation Guru Brisbane to retrofit their property with advanced acoustic insulation. The aim was to enhance guest satisfaction by significantly reducing external noise and improving acoustic comfort within the hotel.


Issues On Project:

The retrofit required careful planning to avoid disturbing the hotel’s operations and guests. Additionally, finding acoustic solutions that blended seamlessly with the hotel’s unique decor presented a creative challenge.



Following the retrofit, the hotel has seen a noticeable improvement in guest reviews focusing on the peaceful, quiet atmosphere, leading to increased bookings and a competitive edge in the hospitality market.


Project Summary:

By expertly implementing advanced acoustic insulation, Insulation Guru Brisbane helped the boutique hotel achieve a significant enhancement in acoustic comfort, elevating the guest experience and setting a new standard in hospitality.

  • Implemented advanced acoustic insulation
  • Coordinated retrofit to minimise guest disruption
  • Integrated solutions with unique hotel decor
  • Significantly reduced external noise intrusion
  • Improved guest satisfaction and reviews
  • Increased bookings and market competitiveness

Project Details

  • Start Date : 15 December 2023
  • End Date : 1 January 2024
  • Clients : Residential
  • Tags: Acoustic Comfort, Boutique Hotel, Noise Reduction
  • Location : Algester
  • Category : Soundproofing Insulation, Hospitality Upgrade

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