Modern Townhouse Thermal Enhancement Project

Brief Description:

Aiming to upgrade the thermal performance of a row of modern townhouses, this project involved the strategic installation of Earth Wool insulation within walls to enhance energy conservation and comfort.

Issues On Project:

Navigating the limited space and shared walls of the townhouses presented challenges, requiring precise installation techniques to ensure effective insulation without impacting the living space or structure of adjoining homes.


Improved thermal insulation led to notable energy savings for the homeowners, reduced carbon footprint, and elevated comfort levels throughout the year, particularly during extreme weather conditions.

Project Summary:

The Modern Townhouse Thermal Enhancement Project successfully demonstrated the effectiveness of Earth Wool insulation in multi-unit residential buildings, showcasing how urban living can be both comfortable and energy-efficient.

  • Upgraded insulation in modern townhouses
  • Utilised Earth Wool for wall insulation
  • Overcame challenges of limited space
  • Achieved significant energy savings
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Enhanced year-round comfort for residents

Project Details

  • Start Date : 9 April 2023
  • End Date : 18 April 2023
  • Clients : Residential
  • Tags: Townhouse Insulation Upgrade, Earth Wool, Energy Conservation
  • Location : Morayfield
  • Category : Wall Insulation Batts, Earth Wool Insulation Install

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