Modernising a Brisbane Townhouse with Efficient Insulation Overhaul

Brief Description:

A modern Brisbane townhouse was the latest project for Insulation Guru Brisbane, where our task was to overhaul the existing insulation system. This project involved an in-depth vacuum cleaning process to remove inefficient old insulation before installing superior blow-in cellulose insulation.

Issues On Project:

Challenges encountered included navigating the modern architectural design of the townhouse to efficiently remove outdated insulation materials and replacing them with high-performance insulation, all while minimising impact on the residents’ daily lives.


The upgraded insulation has transformed the townhouse into an energy-efficient, comfortable, and environmentally friendly living space. Benefits include significant improvements in thermal regulation, a decrease in energy bills, enhanced soundproofing against urban noise, and boosted fire resistance capabilities.

Project Summary:

Insulation Guru Brisbane expertly navigated the challenges of attic insulation, transforming an underused space into a comfortable, energy-efficient living area that exceeded the family’s expectations.

  • Executed an efficient removal of outdated insulation with precise vacuuming
  • Installed top-grade blow-in cellulose insulation
  • Achieved outstanding thermal efficiency and comfort
  • Enhanced the dwelling’s sustainability profile
  • Maintained the modern aesthetic and functional integrity of the townhouse
  • Delivered a noticeable reduction in energy expenses


Project Details

  • Start Date : 18 April 2024
  • End Date : 30 April 2024
  • Clients : Residential
  • Tags:Insulation Removal, Cellulose Insulation, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, Soundproofing, Fire Resistance
  • Location : Elimbah QLD 4516
  • Category : Insulation Install and Removal

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