Multi-Family Housing Thermal Overhaul

Brief Description:

A multi-family housing complex sought to improve its residents’ comfort and reduce collective energy costs through a comprehensive thermal insulation overhaul conducted by Insulation Guru Brisbane.


Issues On Project:

Challenges included coordinating access to multiple residences simultaneously, selecting insulation materials that offered the best balance between cost and performance, and completing the project with minimal disruption to daily life.



The housing complex now benefits from improved thermal efficiency, leading to lower energy bills for residents, enhanced comfort, and a reduced carbon footprint for the community.


Project Summary:

This project highlighted Insulation Guru Brisbane’s ability to manage large-scale residential upgrades, improving quality of life and energy efficiency for multi-family communities.

  • Coordinated large-scale residential access
  • Balanced cost and performance in material selection
  • Minimised disruption to residents
  • Enhanced thermal efficiency and comfort
  • Lowered community energy costs
  • Reduced environmental impact

Project Details

  • Start Date : 10 January 2024
  • End Date : 18 January 2024
  • Clients : Residential
  • Tags: Thermal Efficiency, Community Living, Energy Conservation
  • Location : East Ipswich
  • Category : Comprehensive Insulation Upgrade

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