Seventeen Miles Rock Deep Clean and Earthwool Insultation Install

Seventeen Miles Rock Deep Clean and Earthwool Insultation Install

On November 7th, a residential project was successfully executed at Seventeen Miles Rocks, Brisbane. The project handled by Insulation Guru Brisbane involved a comprehensive Deep Clean, removing animal carcasses and faecal matter. This was followed by the Insulation Installation of earth wool insulation. Despite challenges like confined spaces and hazardous materials, R6 insulation was installed, resulting in an immediate temperature drop. The installation complied with federal government insulation standards, earning an insulation certificate with a 50-year lifespan.

Animal faecal matter and dead animal carcasses in your home’s roof space can pose significant health risks and damage to your property. According to the Australian Government Department of Health, exposure to animal faeces can lead to various diseases such as toxoplasmosis, salmonella, and leptospirosis.


Additionally, the Queensland Government highlights that rodents can carry diseases like leptospirosis and rat lungworm disease, which can be transmitted to humans through their faeces.


The presence of dead animal carcasses can attract pests, cause unpleasant odours and potentially lead to structural damage in your home. The Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment urges immediate action to manage these hazards.


In such cases, a thorough Deep Clean is essential to remove these hazards and restore the hygiene of your home.


Post-cleaning, it’s necessary to replace the insulation as exposure to animal waste can compromise its effectiveness and create lingering odours. Therefore, a new Insulation Installation is crucial to ensure the house is well-insulated and free from contaminants.


In conclusion, the dangers of animal faecal matter and dead animal carcasses in the roof space of a house are significant, and professional deep cleaning and insulation installation services are essential to mitigate these risks.



Project Synopsis:


The proficient team at Insulation Guru Brisbane successfully executed a challenging project at 41/25 Hogan Place, Seventeen Miles Rocks, Brisbane. We adhered to the highest standards of Earthwool Insulation Installation and Deep Clean, providing solutions that significantly enhance comfort, energy efficiency, and contribute positively to the environment.


Challenges Tackled:

This residential project, started and completed on November 7th, posed several challenges. These included the removal of a rat carcass, lizards, rat poo, and animal faecal matter from a confined space with difficult access. The presence of dangerous faecal matter, respiratory hazards, and hazardous dust particles also added to the complexity of the task.


Benefits of Earthwool Insulation:

The newly installed R6 Earthwool insulation not only resulted in an instantly noticeable temperature drop but it also adhered to federal government insulation standards, showcasing superior thermal control. It’s a sustainable choice aligning perfectly with our client’s environmental aspirations.


Project Recap:

Despite these hurdles, Insulation Guru Brisbane successfully completed the deep clean and insulation installation within the stipulated timeline. We delivered a cost-effective insulation solution that significantly boosted the building’s comfort, energy efficiency, and sustainability, and issued an insulation certificate verifying a 50-year lifespan on the installation.


Key Achievements:


  • Efficient and safe removal of animal carcasses and faecal matter.
  • Successful navigation of confined spaces and difficult access points.
  • High-standard R6 Earthwool insulation installation.
  • Meeting strict deadline despite challenging conditions.
  • Enhancement of building’s thermal efficiency.
  • Improvement of indoor comfort.

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Project Details

  • Start Date : 7th November 2023
  • End Date : 8th November 2023
  • Clients : Residential
  • Tags: Deep Clean, Rat Faecal Matter Removal
  • Location : Seventeen Miles Rock, Brisbane
  • Category: Deep Clean, Earth Wool Insulation Install

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